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ComputerGeek Uses iPhone SDK for some ProgrammingWe also develop HTMLObjective-C

Welcome to ComputerGeekAndPCs. Here, you can find tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Objective-C, and soon to be more. There are unboxings, and more. Thanks for visiting, the current tutorials should be uploaded soon, to be watched at your leisure. This is only a prototype site, but it is very close to what the site will look like when it is finished. One thing is that you can drag this paragraph. Links change font, forms are better, there are more interactive elements.

This website is designed to easily help you learn programming languages. If you have any suggestions, just put them in the suggestions box.

ComputerGeekAndPCs is a branch of GeoExperts International that helps with computer stuff. If you want to see our applications, go to GeoExperts International to view them.

ComputerGeekAndPCs was crafted with the use of HTML and was coded from scratch. If you learn HTML from the HTML Development section under Markup Languages, you can learn how to make a website just like this (almost just like this anyway).

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